Tahquitz with Rabih – Whodunit

So I came down with a case of Vitamin D Deficiency last Thursday and was forced to call in sick to work. Looking to remedy this ailment, Rabih and I headed out to Tahquitz Rock to climb a little known (not!) 5.9 called Whodunit. What a good choice! I am feeling much better now. Absent mindedly forgetting my guidebook, we stopped into Nomad Ventures for a brief look at theirs, and much to the good advice of the salesperson there, bought a few micronuts for the first pitch. I’m glad we did. After the brutal approach was behind us, we psyched up for the climb and I cast off on pitch 1. The first 50 or so feet is fairly trivial, but then you find yourself in a very thin layback for about 10 feet until an overlap is encounted. At this point I sunk 2 micronuts, fired through the nontrivial section, and continued up to the Edgehogs anchor. I felt this pitch was the crux of the route, but Rabih didn’t have much of a problem with the moves and thought maybe the upper pitches were the business.

Rabih led pitch 2 like a champ, tackling the layback finger->hand->offwidth dihedral without issue, setting up an anchor just below the chimney on P3. I took off on the chimney, and headed up the narrowing enclosure. At the top of the chimney, pulling out of the crack, I sunk a bomber left hand jam combined with a reasonable right fist jam and pulled out onto the good footholds above. Now supposedly this move is the crux of the route, but it didn’t feel near as hard as some of the thin moves on P1. I continued up the offwidth crack linking part of P4.

Rabih set off linking what we think is P4.5 to the top of P6. I took the final linkup of P7 and P8 to the summit, where we both enjoyed a gorgeous view at sunset with not another living soul visible on Tahquitz. We signed the summit register (first time doing so) and headed out on the long friction descent and hike back to our packs at the base of the Northwest recess.

After the descent, we hit up the Idyllwild Pizza Co for a delicous extra large pizza. We showed up 15 minutes after closing, but the good chaps there took one look at our haggard appearances and took pity on us, allowing us to stuff our faces in peace.

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3 Responses to Tahquitz with Rabih – Whodunit

  1. Kellen says:

    Sounds like a great adventure!! Nice pics and entertaining story, thanks for the trip report! I might be feeling slightly deficient in Vitamin D myself…

  2. Ben says:

    Nice amigos. Holcomb this weekend?

  3. Rabih says:

    Great day of climbing indeed.
    Not mentioned was, that I took forever to lead pitch 2 before I shook off the rust from not lead climbing the last few months.
    Your Crux pic was taking with the feed hand…no break hand was compromised during the adventurous snapshot…I had my camera clipped to my waist and shot a few pictures wild wild west style, from the hip, without looking into the visor.
    Good times…I’m out this weekend, Wedding on Sat, BBq on Sun…
    weekday climb??

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